Calls in 4G network – the latest generation calling technology is here!

Calls in HD quality
With VoLTE you’ll hear everything so clearly, as the other person is next to you. Listen to the difference!
Listen to the difference!
Standard call quality
VoLTE call quality
Use the internet during a call
Now you can talk and use the 4G internet at the same time! Use WhatsApp, send pictures, video and other files, without interrupting the conversation.
With VoLTE
Without VolTE
Lightning fast connection
Thanks to VoLTE forget about waiting for a connection! The 4G network provides lightning-fast calls rather than just calls!
Lower battery consumption
Talk or use the internet – with VoLTE you’ll always be on the 4G network! Your phone will no longer need to switch between 3G and 4G networks thus saving the battery power.
Does your phone support VoLTE?
Currently VoLTE technology is available for various Apple, Samsung, Nokia, CAT, Xiaomi, Sony, Huawei, Honor and OnePlus smartphones.
Select your phone model to find out how to activate VoLTE.
How to activate VoLTE?

VoLTE is automatically activated on Apple devices. Please make sure you are using OS 15.2 or later version.

To check the VoLTE settings
1. Open the "Settings" section
2. Select "Mobile Data"
3. Select "Mobile Data Options"
4. Select "Voice & Data"
5. Activate "VoLTE"

Choose brand

Please note!
All the benefits of VoLTE calls can be fully enjoyed only if VoLTE is enabled for both callers.
There is NO extra charge for using VoLTE.
Questions and answers
  • To make VoLTE calls, the LTE network mode (incl. LTE/3G/2G automatic connection) must be activated in the phone settings. And you must have mobile data enabled to use the internet. 
    Theoretically, VoLTE calls can be made even if mobile data is not turned on, however, some devices or operating system versions may require mobile data to be turned on, so we recommend that you take care of this in a timely manner.
  • Currently, Samsung smartphones with Android 11 and higher operating system and Apple iPhones with iOS 15.2. are certified for use in the LMT network. Certification is being discussed with other manufacturers. Compatibility of your phone can be checked on the website https://volte.lmt.lv.
  • We are conducting discussions with various phone manufacturers on the certification of VoLTE technology in the LMT network. We will let you know as soon as this opportunity will be available.
  • From 12.04.2021 LMT is gradually activating VoLTE to all customers whose devices support this technology. After some time, VoLTE features will be available automatically – we’ll inform about it.
  • LMT is activating VoLTE technology gradually starting from 12.04.2021. If VoLTE is not available yet, it will be connected in the nearest future.
  • Please make sure your phone has an operating system update. VoLTE requires an iOS 15.2 or Android 11 (or later) version of the operating system to function. To perform a software update: Settings –> Software updates –> Download and install.
  • VoLTE technology can be deactivated in the internet settings on your phone.
  • LMT cannot disable VoLTE, but you can deactivate VoLTE technology in the internet settings on your phone.
  • While LMT customers are gradually connected to VoLTE technology, it may happen that VoLTE on your new smartphone will be available after a while. It should also be noted that for now you need to activate VoLTE on your smartphone manually, but in the future it will happen automatically.
  • The benefits of VoLTE voice call HD quality can only be fully enjoyed if both callers use phones that support VoLTE technology and are on the LTE network for the whole duration of the call.
    However, if only one of them has VoLTE, he/she can enjoy other benefits during the call, such as using 4G internet and saving battery power.
  • The conversation goes on, but has switched to 3G network, losing the HD quality of VoLTE call.
  • Yes, you can! Calling options are the same as before.
  • The VoLTE symbol will appear on the display of your phone.
  • No, the use of VoLTE technology does not affect the costs of LMT services.
  • Yes, VoLTE calls are counted just like any other voice calls.
  • No, voice calls (also VoLTE) do not affect the GB volume of the service Internet via Handset.
  • VoLTE calls are also available on certain networks of foreign mobile operators. Their number will increase over time. To use VoLTE calls abroad, the same criteria as for the LMT network must be met.
  • VoLTE technology is gradually activated for LMT customers. Over time, it will be available also to prepaid card users.
  • To make calls abroad with your Apple Watch, you must be connected to a foreign network that supports VoLTE call technology. Calling while abroad will be available for Apple Watch 5 and later smartwatches running OS 9.4 or later software.
    No other additional steps are required if the smartwatch is already working on the LMT network with Multi-SIM.

    Check VoLTE availability on certain foreign networks in the Tariff calculator HERE.  "VoLTE" will be indicated next to the relevant foreign network.